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Court dispute

In the reality we live in, the difference in opinions is inevitable – so it is in business as well. We do not wish you that, but some conflicts can be solved only in court. If it will occur, we will provide you with all the necessary service you may need. We will protect your rights and your costs – simply because your serenity is very important.

E-commerce & Start-up’s

The border between the real & the digital world intensively disappears. Devices we use affect our life – we buy things online, we watch movies online, we store our data online. It is the time of innovation & unconventional thinking – for lawyers as well. Before you will conquer the world with your company, make sure you have well-prepared agreement & your services secured.

Securing & Enforcing Receivables

In simple terms, the business is the process of exchanging goods & services for money. What happens if you do not receive your money? How would you be able to expand? How would you stay on the market? There are many questions and even more unreliable answers. Do not believe just in good luck, believe in our services. We will secure your receivables, therefore reducing possible risk for you and your company. If the dispute will not be amicably settled, we will swiftly initiate enforcement proceedings.

Corporate consulting

We will choose the best possible legal infrastructure for your business – your location, type of your business and the scale of your company; those are some of the key factors we take into account. We will help you get through the formalities necessary for opening, developing & finishing your enterprise. If you already have an enterprise, we can conduct an audit of your documentation.

Capital management

We will help you in organising & managing capital for starting and developing your business. We know what we do – we worked on Warsaw Stock Exchange and NewConnect market & our experience includes bonds, shares and other financial instruments. Together, we will protect your interest & we will meet the expectations of your investors. If you are an investor, we are ready to offer investment advice.


Not every business ends with profits, especially nowadays. If your company has lost solvency or perhaps your revenue is lowered – do not worry, because you are not alone. We will help you with negotiations between you and your creditors; we will show you possible chances & risks. Together we will prepare the plan for “new opening” of your business. Ultimately, if it proves to be necessary, we will file a bankruptcy petition and accompany you throughout this process – so that you can redefine your business and continue your adventure.


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