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Protection of personal rights

Your good name is a key value, both in private life and in business. The good name determines the respect and strength of your business. As a legal office, we use all the necessary legal remedies (civil & penal) to effectively protect the reputation and personal rights of our clients.

Family law

Family is very important and very sensitive matter. It requires careful & specific approach. Divorce, separation, custody or division of property - our goal is to provide our clients with the best possible settlement.

Succession law

We provide our clients with safe & effective ways of preparing their successors and managing their inheritance. We represent our clients in all types of inheritance proceedings, including complex cases concerning self insured retentions / legitim.

Advocacy in criminal cases

It is the main activity for advocates, so we defend our Clients in courageous and honourable way. We defend our Clients in the whole criminal case, using all of the available legal possibilities.

Civil litigation

Litigation is our office’s leading field of expertise. From simple debt recovery, to claim compensation after car accident – every case is attended with full engagement & effort at all stages. We do it because our client is the most important value for us.

Compensation for being victimised
by polish Communist State

We provide our clients with complex legal support on conceding as invalid Communist State`s judgements and receaving a compensation. We believe that those, who had laid down their lives and health for independent Poland, deserve remembrance and gratification.


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