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Housing cooperative and housing community management

Housing law can be very demanding – not to mention, that it usually leads to general misunderstanding & legal conflicts. Our office has a vast experience in managing housing cooperatives & communities. We provide legal advice & representation for those institutions – both in legal and administrative proceedings.

Acquisitive prescription, enfranchisement & reclamation
of real estate.

The actual value of the real estate is determined by its legal condition which enable to sell the property. We had conducted dozens of those kind of a lawsuit so you may be sure that your case will be also successful.


In many instances, joint ownership may be uncomfortable & uneconomical state that leads to conflict and unnecessary risk. We ensure that the process not only will go ably, but with the lowest costs possible.

Rental agreement

Rental agreement remains one of the basic forms of ownership. It is very important that the agreement you want to sign or offer, was prepared with utmost care. We provide our clients with carefully considered agreements that protect them from unnecessary risks or costs – regardless of whether they want to lend or lease.


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